The Top 10 interesting Facts About Internet

The internet is playing a significant role in our daily life. We use it for multiple purposes like Booking Train/ Bus/ Flight tickets, making payments, checking for restaurants, etc. Initially, it was a tool used at workplaces and offices, but now its users have expanded exponentially in districts, states, and countries. There is hardly someone unaware of the uses of the internet. But the story behind this expansion is incredible.

Here are the top 10 interesting facts about the internet-

1) The internet was invented in a small beer garden. It is a practical example of the saying that the best ideas can come over a drink. Within 40 years, the internet has gained so much popularity that around half of the population is connected to the world via the internet.

2) The wireless internet that we use today was made possible in September 1990. Yes, you read it right 2020 is the year when Wi-Fi internet will turn 30. Within 30 years, Wi-Fi internet won users’ hearts, due to approximately 72% of mobile communication flowing through wireless Internet services.

3) Within this period, a lot of changes came and went. A lot of updates and features came into action to provide the best experience to its users like WaveLAN, FlankSpeed, DragonFly, WECA, IEEE 802.11b Direct, and Wi-Fi.

4) Wi-Fi is a popular word, but do you know that this word has no meaning in actual. It was made as it sounds similar to Hi-Fi. But there is a group of people who spread rumors that Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, which is not close to the reality,

5) Ethernet is the most commonly used wired internet. Bob Metcalfe invented it in the early 1970s, which is approximately half-century ago. In those days the coaxial cables were used for the connections (now we use them for cable and Satellite Television).

6) Around 1 Billion photos are uploaded on the internet every day, and the sad part is that 70% of them remain unseen. A more surprising fact is that more than 100k websites are being hacked every day.

7) Approximately 35% of the world’s total population is on Facebook. Statistics suggest that the number of users is increasing rapidly and exponentially.

8) Around 250 Billion Emails are being sent daily. A more surprising fact about these emails is that more than 80% of Emails are spam (that are dispatched using automated means), leading to over 200 Billion spam emails every day. The journey of spam emails started in 1978, which was an advertisement for a presentation by Digital Equipment Corporation for DEC System 2020.

9) The world’s first website is still active. The first website created was named info.cern.ch; its a primary HTML site, and the page contains few lines of text (the text was written with the first version of HTML).

10) 400 hours of video content is uploaded every minute on YouTube. By the time you read this article, more than 2000 hours of material have been uploaded on the YouTube platform.

The facts about the internet have a never-ending list as there is vast statistical and jaw-dropping data. The journey of success of the internet has been incredible as it took only four years to reach its first 50 million users, while other sources like TV took 13 years, and Radio took 38 years to achieve the same number of users. With a vast amount of users, you will be surprised to know that only seven people are assigned to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), who control the entire internet. It is surprising how little we know about something that we use daily.…